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Cities and Resorts of the Azov Sea

Cities and resorts of the Azov Sea

Cities and Towns on the Coast of the Azov Sea

On the coast of the Azov Sea there are many settlements, large or small, while rest in various cities of the Azov Sea is very different. In some resorts, you can just have a good rest away from civilization, while other cities have a developed resort infrastructure that allows you not only to relax on the Azov Sea, but also improve your health in sanatoriums. Some settlements on the coast are small villages where you can rent accommodation from local residents or stay in one of the recreation centers, and some cities provide a complete set of recreation and entertainment industry at any time of the day. In addition, there are cities on the shores of the Azov Sea that have a long history and may be interesting, in addition to relaxing on the beach, also for cultural recreation.

Resorts of the Azov Sea

On the coast of the Azov Sea there are such cities as Berdyansk and Yeisk, Kerch and Taganrog, Mariupol and Taman, Dolzhanskaya and Temryuk, Genichesk and Novoazovsk, Golubitskaya and Kirillovka, Peresyp and Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Urzuf and Kuchugury, Shchelkino and Melekino, Azov and Sedovo , Yalta and many small resort villages scattered along the coast of the Azov Sea. And it is far from a fact that a vacation in such a large resort as Berdyansk or Yeisk will be better than a vacation in a small village somewhere in the middle of the Arabat Spit - it all depends on the vacationers themselves. Some choose fashionable resorts with a developed entertainment infrastructure, while others, on the contrary, run away from civilization in order to enjoy a quiet holiday in a remote corner of the Azov Sea. Since the Azov Sea can offer a wide variety of cities and resorts for recreation, everyone can choose the most suitable resort for a summer rest on the Azov Sea.