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Mariupol city on the Azov Sea

Those wishing to have a rest on the Azov Sea should not disregard a city like Mariupol. It is worth saying that the city is one of the ten largest cities in Ukraine - the population of Mariupol is about half a million people. Mariupol suits quite well for rest and recreation on the coast of the Azov Sea. First of all, the climate and weather of Mariupol are favorable - the average temperature in July-August is 26-29°C, while the water in the Azov Sea warms up to 18-23°C. Mariupol is the center of the Donbass recreational zone of the Azov Sea.

Speaking about the rest on the Azov Sea, it should be noted that breezes are frequent on the sea coast, due to this, two factors arise that positively affect the rest:

  • breeze brings from the sea a large flow of fresh air enriched with ozone, minerals and salts;
  • the coast is ventilated due to the breezes, which makes the heat much less felt.

The history of Mariupol has more than 300 years. During this period, a significant part of parks, original architecture and historical monuments was formed in the city. There is no need to talk about civilization, availability of housing, recreation and entertainment facilities in Mariupol - visitors can easily organize their holidays, get a lot of impressions, visit many interesting places.

It is logical to assume that in such a developed city, a visiting tourist will not have problems with housing. Privately renting a room from locals according to your budget will be quite easy. The main thing is that you understand what level of housing you need and be able to pay for your requests. Regarding hotels, boarding houses, recreation centers, it must be said that there are enough of them here to accommodate those who came to spend their holidays on the Azov Sea. For example, let's take the Tourist Hotel, which provides visitors with everything they need - a refrigerator, air conditioning, a shower, etc. At the same time, for a different number of people there are rooms with different capacities, designed for one, two or more people. For people who want to make a trip to Azov Sea fully or partially business, the Reikartz business hotel is suitable. It is located in the center of the city, which makes it easily accessible if needed. Here in the presence of 60 rooms, 2 conference rooms, restaurants with different types of cuisines, support for modern types of communication.

The history of Mariupol has left a rich legacy, indeed, one cannot but say that Mariupol, despite its relatively young age and representing the concept of an industrial city, has a fairly high level of cultural development. The city offers a fairly wide range of both entertainment and recreation, as well as cultural pastime. An example is the Regional Academic Theatre, which celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2008. Another, younger building, built in 1920, but no less interesting for the guests of the city, will be the Mariupol Museum of Local Lore. Here are collected various exhibits representing various milestones in the history of the Donetsk region. Concluding the theme of the cultural attractions of Mariupol, it is worth noting the presence here of the art museum of the famous Ukrainian artist Arkhip Kuindzhi - his painting "Night over the Dnieper" remains a mystery to many artists, art critics and art connoisseurs. To add variety to your holiday on the Azov Sea, you should take an interest in the nightlife of Mariupol. Nightlife in Mariupol is quite diverse - cafes, nightclubs, restaurants with a variety of cuisines, theme parties and a wide range of alcoholic drinks - will bring an unforgettable experience to your vacation on the Sea of Azov.

In general, Mariupol is a good fit for people who want to have a good vacation on a fairly modest budget. A wide range of entertainment and recreation on the shores of the Azov Sea - all this is available and involves fairly modest spending on holidays in Mariupol.

Mariupol Map

An interactive map of Mariupol allows you to get acquainted with the city and its environs using a schematic map, a satellite map or a map compiled by Internet users.

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