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Melekino resort on the Azov Sea

Melekino is one of the most interesting places for rest on the Azov Sea. It appeared at the end of the nineteenth century and was a simple fishing village. The resort village of Melekino is located near the Belosarayskaya Spit, about thirty kilometers from Mariupol, on the ecologically clean coast of the Azov Sea. Today Melekino is the pearl of the Azov summer vacation. The village is located in close proximity to the Azov Sea. At the entrance to it from the cliff, a beautiful panorama of the sea, the coast and the village itself opens up. The center of Melekino is full of cafes, karaoke, discos, go-carts, an amusement park.

Boarding houses and recreation centers in Melekino are spread along the coast Azov Sea for ten kilometers, and a tent camp is often set up on the coast. For the entrance to the recreation area, the so-called first and second slopes are used. During the summer period, which is the peak of the holiday season, at Melekino markets you can buy fairly cheap fruits and vegetables, homemade dairy products, as well as all kinds of fresh, dried and smoked fish and other seafood. There are markets in the city center, on the second slope, as well as in the resort area.

Some of the recreation centers in Melekino are departmental, some are private, which are put in order and offer accommodation and recreation to everyone. In addition, in Melekino, housing in private houses is rented almost everywhere - you can find it by the signs on the fences. The beaches in Melekino are sandy, wide enough, the bottom of the Azov Sea is gentle, convenient for families with children. On the beaches there are water rides, boats, scooters - in a word, the whole complex of beach entertainment. The resort area of Melekino stretches for two dozen kilometers and smoothly passes into the recreation area of the village Belosarayskaya Spit. The beaches consist of sand and a small amount of shells.

Melekino Map

With the help of an interactive map, you can view satellite images of Melekino, a map of the settlement and a map of Melekino, filled in by ordinary users.

Weather in Melekino

The weather in Melekino and Belosarayskaya Spit for today and the weather forecast in Melekino for a week ahead - atmospheric pressure, wind and air temperature.