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Azov Sea

Azov Sea Nature

The nature of the Azov Sea is striking in its uniqueness and diversity. Even without the presence of tropical plants and exotic animals, the Azov Sea always attracts attention. One of the most interesting features of the Azov Sea is the variety of coastal forms - spits, islands, bays, and much more. The fauna of the Azov Sea is also striking in its diversity - dozens, if not hundreds, of various species of birds and animals live on its shores, and in the sea itself there are various types of fish - from gobies and pilengas to dolphins and even sharks. The fish of the Azov Sea deserves special attention, because this sea has always been one of the most fishy places - in the truest sense of the word, in the world - you can not find such a quantity and variety of fish anywhere else. Even the ancient Greeks and Scythians called the Azov Sea in accordance with its fish wealth - Meatida "nurse" and Kargulak "rich in fish". There is practically any kind of fish - from various types of Azov gobies to valuable sturgeon species descending to spawn in the mouths of rivers. In other words, the Azov Sea is a paradise for a fisherman. But fish is far from the whole nature of the Azov Sea.

Interesting Facts About the Azov Sea
Interesting Places on the Azov Sea
  • Lake Chokrak, which means “spring” in Crimean Tatar, is one of the unique places in Europe, but it is less known than nearby sights.

  • The Arabat fortress itself first appeared on maps in the middle of the seventeenth century, but it became widely known only during the six-year Russian-Turkish war.

Azov Sea Rest

The Azov Sea has always been one of the best places for family holidays. Due to the mild climate of the coast of the Azov Sea and its healing waters, rest on the Azov Sea suits most people and allows you not only to have a good rest, but also to strengthen or improve the health of both adults and children. The healing properties of the Azov Sea have been known for a long time - a shallow and warm sea, sea water rich in microelements, beautiful sandy beaches. On the entire coast of the Azov Sea there are a huge number of holiday homes, boarding houses and tourist centers for those who want to relax. There are many resort towns and villages on the coast of the Azov Sea - Berdyansk, New Yalta, Genichesk, Melekino, Urzuf, Belosarayskaya Spit, Bezymennoe, Shchelkino (Cape Kazantip), Sedovo, Kirillovka, Taganrog, Yeysk, Mariupol, Kerch, Temryuk, Golubitskaya, Dolzhanskaya and many other settlements where you can have a good rest. You can talk about the merits of the Azov Sea endlessly... Although, maybe it's better to come yourself and see everything?

Rest on the Azov Sea
  • Summer holidays on the Azov Sea have always attracted many people from different countries and regions. It has always been believed that one of the best options for spending a family vacation with children at sea is to go to the Azov Sea and relax in one of the many resorts of the Azov Sea. At the service of vacationers on the Azov Sea there is everything you need - from the opportunity to settle in the most suitable conditions, which everyone can choose for themselves, to the options for spending a summer vacation, depending on their preferences.

Weather on the Azov Sea
  • Weather - there is weather, and on the Azov Sea it is as changeable as in other places on the globe. But if the weather on land changes - it's just a change in temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind direction and speed, but such weather changes on land do not have a significant impact. The sea is a completely different matter, any changes in the weather on the Azov Sea can both significantly improve the conditions of stay on its coast, and greatly complicate them.