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Berdyansk resort city on the Azov Sea

Berdyansk is one of the largest resorts on the Azov Sea, located on the coast of the Berdyansk Bay. The unique climate of the coast of the Azov Sea has made Berdyansk the leading center for recreation and rehabilitation on the entire coast of the Azov Sea. The healing factors of the Berdyansk resort are sea water, saturated with useful minerals and chemical elements, and sandy beaches, and the seaside climate, as well as therapeutic mud and mineral chloride-sodium iodine-bromine water. In a word, resort.

The age of Berdyansk is more than 100 years, it is both an industrial center, in which large industrial enterprises are located, fortunately, located far from the coastal strip, and a center for recreation, treatment and entertainment on the Azov Sea. Berdyansk has an airport, a railway station, a bus station, and a sea port. The bus station is located near the seaport and a 15-20 minute walk from the city center, the railway station is approximately the same. By minibuses you can go to any part of Berdyansk, as well as to the Berdyansk Spit, on which there are many recreation centers and sanatoriums, as well as the cleanest beaches. In the city center there are many shops, cafes, restaurants, as well as a large number of green squares, parks and various monuments.

There is a rather large market in Berdyansk, I would like to separately mention its fish part - such an abundance of various types of Azov gobies, pelengas, pike perch and many other species of fish is rarely seen anywhere. Here you can find just dried fish, and smoked, and salmon, and much more ... by the way, it is better to buy fish on market, and not on the beaches - the price may differ several times. Since we are talking about trade, it is worth noting the Kit supermarket, also located in the center of Berdyansk - shopping in this supermarket can significantly reduce food costs for those who are used to counting money, as well as diversify the range of food - everything is here, from sweets to alcoholic beverages. If you need souvenirs from Berdyansk, then you will not find a better place than the souvenir market on the embankment, located between the seaport and the central square - everything is here.

The recreation and entertainment industry is well developed in Berdyansk - there are a huge number of cafes, bars, discos, an amusement park is constantly operating on the embankment near the central square. From the embankment you can take a ride on a speedboat along the Berdyansk Bay, on the beaches you will be offered all kinds of outdoor activities - from calm boating and catamarans to extreme ones - parasailing, riding a "tablet" or a jet ski. Separately, it is worth noting the Berdyansk Aquapark - one of the most grandiose water parks in the country, which is located at the base of the Berdyansk Spit.

There are quite a lot of interesting monuments in Berdyansk - this is Vasya, the locksmith, looking out of the hatch in the central square, and the monument to the children of Lieutenant Schmidt, and the only monument in the world to the Azov bull-breadwinner. Also on the central square there is an Armchair for the fulfillment of desires, where every visitor of Berdyansk considers it his duty to sit down and make a wish. In general, there are a lot of interesting monuments in the city, for example, a monument to summer residents near the central market, but you can’t list everything.

There are several beaches in the city. In the center of the city, along the entire embankment, the central beach stretches, it is sandy along the edges, and the central part is laid with concrete blocks and slabs. There are also beaches on Liski and Matrosskaya Sloboda, which are located on the outskirts of Berdyansk, as well as a small, but very popular, so-called "third beach", located in the city center. The coast on all beaches is gentle, the depth is shallow, which allows you to relax with children. Although, of course, the best beaches of Berdyansk are on Berdyansk Spit.

Housing in Berdyansk is rented everywhere, the streets of the private sector are full of ads - everything is rented, from rooms without amenities to VIP housing with air conditioning and all amenities. Homeowners or intermediaries are constantly on duty at the bus and railway stations, but you should not immediately agree to their offers - the price is often too high, and the housing does not match the description. It is better to walk or drive through the private sector on Liski (the area near the bus station) or, starting from the third beach, towards the Berdyansk Spit - you can find cheaper housing and calmly choose what you want for yourself. If the city center is of little interest to you, but you prefer clean beaches and fresh air, it’s better to immediately go to the Berdyansk Spit and look for housing there - perhaps a little more expensive, but then there’s not a bay nearby, but an open Azov Sea.

Berdyansk Map

The interactive map of Berdyansk makes it possible to see detailed information about the streets of Berdyansk, buildings and other objects located on the map of Berdyansk.

Weather in Berdyansk

The current weather in Berdyansk and the weather forecast for the next week - information about air temperature, atmospheric pressure and wind direction in Berdyansk and on the Berdyansk Spit.