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Lakes Near the Azov Sea

Lakes near the Azov Sea

Large and Small Lakes of the Azov Sea

Not far from the coast of the Azov Sea there are many large and small lakes. Each lake of the Azov Sea has its own unique features. Some lakes are simply picturesque corners of nature, while others are sources of therapeutic mud. Some lakes are separated from the Azov Sea only by a narrow strip of sand, while others are located at some distance from the coast of the Azov Sea.

The Most Famous Lakes of the Sea of Azov

Among the many lakes on the shores of the Azov Sea, one can single out Lake Chokrak, located in Crimea on the shores of the Kazantip Bay. Also, several lakes are located in the region of the Kerch Peninsula - Aktash, Tobechik and Churubash. Another well-known lake in the Azov Sea is Khanskoye Lake, which is located near the Yasenskaya Spit. Both of these lakes, although located far from each other, have a common distinguishing feature - they are rich in therapeutic mud, which is used to treat many diseases.

Sivash - a Lake, a Bay or an Estuary?

Sivash is often called the largest lake in the Azov Sea, but this is far from being the case. Determining the type of this reservoir is quite difficult. Since Sivash is connected to the Azov Sea by a strait, it is definitely not a lake, but rather an estuary or a bay. On the one hand, the Sivash resembles a typical estuary, into which several Crimean rivers flow, and which is connected to the Azov Sea by a narrow strait. On the other hand, water does not enter the sea from Sivash, as it should be for an estuary, quite the contrary - as water evaporates in Sivash, it enters it from the Sea of Azov. So it is correct to call Sivash the largest gulf of the Azov Sea, and not a lake at all.

Lake Chokrak

Lake Chokrak, which means “spring” in Crimean Tatar, is one of the unique places in Europe, but it is less known than nearby sights.