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Lake Chokrak

Lake Chokrak in Crimea

Lake Chokrak, which means “spring” in Crimean Tatar, is one of the unique places in Europe, but it is less known than the nearby attractions - the Stone Grave Reserve, the Askania Nova Biosphere Reserve, Biryuchy Island. Lake Chokrak is famous for its unique therapeutic mud. It is located near the village of Kurortnoye, about twenty kilometers from the city of Kerch, near the coast of the Azov Sea, not far from Arabat arrows. The area of Lake Chokrak is about nine square kilometers, and the depth is just over one meter. At the bottom of the lake and near its eastern shore there is a group of hydrogen sulfide springs, and in its eastern part there is a well with pure spring water. Lake Chokrak is separated from the Azov Sea by a natural embankment of sand and shells.

Between the surrounding hills there are beams, at the mouth of the Kazanskaya beam, on the shore and bottom of Lake Chokrak, mineral hydrogen sulfide waters come to the surface, which, like the mud of the lake, have healing properties known since antiquity - the first mention of the healing mud of Lake Chokrak belongs to the first century BC. In those days, local therapeutic mud was not only known, but also widely used in Greece and Asian countries. The results of modern research have confirmed the unique healing properties of Chokrak Lake mud, the good sanitary condition of the lake and the ecological purity of the mud - in all respects, Lake Chokrak can be attributed to the highest quality mud deposits in the world.

The use of Lake Chokrak mud in modern medicine is effective in the treatment of the musculoskeletal system, gynecological diseases, skin diseases, for its purification and rejuvenation. It is also effective to use mud for the treatment of diseases of the peripheral nervous system, central nervous system, digestive organs, urological diseases in men, diseases of the ear, throat, nose, and peripheral vessels. On the basis of this mud, a large number of various cosmetic and medicinal products are made, which are in demand both in Ukraine and abroad. The composition of the Chokrak lake mud includes salt brine, hydrogen sulfide, microelements, organic substances, and silt mud. The main feature of the Chokrak mud is that, along with salt and brine, mineral springs and mud volcanoes, which are located along the banks and at the bottom of Lake Chokrak.

The exact chemical composition of the silt-sulfide mud Chokrak Lake has not yet been determined, but it is known for certain that mud does not contain dangerous substances and compounds, it consists of a unique set of compounds and natural substances and has the strongest healing properties. And although medicine has not yet found out all the healing properties of the waters and mud of Lake Chokrak, it is known that the inhabitants of this area, using salt from this lake, never suffer from diseases of the teeth and thyroid gland.

To the west of Lake Chokrak there are a number of wild bays, interesting for their shape and beauty, with excellent sandy beaches, in addition, there are many historical monuments in this area - excavations of ancient necropolises and settlements are constantly carried out here. In Soviet times, these bays were used for recreation by the highest commanding staff of the army, hence the name - General Bays, and at present they are open to everyone.