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Places on the Azov Sea

Places on the Azov Sea

Sights of the Azov Sea

Although the Azov Sea and its natural factors are attractions in themselves, there are places on its coast that may be interesting for various reasons. Some may be interested in artificial structures like the Arabat fortress, located in the Crimea at the end of the Arabat Spit and once served as an impregnable fortification, while others may be interested in natural formations - for example, the Chokrak or Khan Lake, which are famous for their healing mud. Someone will be interested in the Sivash Gulf, which has only a few analogues in the world, and someone will be interested in the mud volcanoes of the Taman Peninsula.

Natural Attractions

The very nature of the Azov Sea is an unforgettable attraction - those who saw the Berdyansk or Belosarayskaya Spit from the nearby hills will never forget this amazing sight. Huge floodplains and backwaters at the mouth of the Kuban are also a large-scale spectacle of the nature of the Azov Sea. What about Cape Kazantip, unique in form and nature, located on the Crimean coast of the Azov Sea? And such natural attractions of the Azov Sea can be listed almost indefinitely.

Interesting Places in Cities and Resorts

In addition, there are many not so large-scale, but no less interesting places located in almost all cities and their environs along the entire coast of the Azov Sea. You can’t list all of them - almost every city or resort of the Azov Sea is famous for its interesting places that attract tourists and vacationers from many parts of the world.

Arabat Fortress

The Arabat fortress itself first appeared on maps in the middle of the seventeenth century, but it became widely known only during the six-year Russian-Turkish war.

Lake Chokrak

Lake Chokrak, which means “spring” in Crimean Tatar, is one of the unique places in Europe, but it is less known than nearby sights.