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Shchyolkino resort on the Azov Sea

Shchelkino is located in the Crimea, on the shores of the Arabat Bay (Cape Kazantip) of the coast of the Azov Sea. Shelkino is a comfortable modern town, which, at one time, was created for the builders of the Crimean nuclear power plant, which, fortunately, was never built. The unfinished building of the nuclear power plant is located a couple of kilometers from Shchelkino. The city got its name in honor of academician Kirill Shchelkin, who previously studied at the university in Simferopol, and later took part in the creation of atomic and hydrogen bombs, and also made a significant contribution to the development of nuclear energy.

The city has a fairly large amount of comfortable housing, which is rented out to those who want to relax in the summer. These high-rise buildings are located two hundred to three hundred meters from the sea. It is also possible to relax in the recreation centers, which are located on the very shore of the Azov Sea. The choice of housing is quite wide, the prices are moderate. A unique feature of Shchelkino is the lack of street names, there are only house numbers. In the recreation area Schelkino, the resort infrastructure is very developed - there are cafes, restaurants, bars, discos, on the coast - rental of catamarans and windsurfing. During the holiday period, you can buy fresh vegetables at low prices in the markets, but prices for fruits are kept at the level of the southern coast of Crimea. It is safe to say that Shchelkino is a good option for rest on the Azov coast of Crimea.

The unfinished construction of the Crimean NPP can hardly be called a landmark, but it certainly deserves attention. At the unfinished nuclear power plant in the mid-nineties of the twentieth century, the first youth disco was held, and since then Kazantip has become a cult place for advanced youth, but a few years later, due to the large number of troublemakers who joined this event, the holding of the Kazantip Festival in Shchelkino was banned, and since then this event has been held in various places.

The weather in Shchelkino and the climate here correspond to the Crimean one and are quite arid, and due to the complete absence of fresh water on the territory of the Kazantip reserve, it remained untouched civilization. The sandy beaches of Shchelkino, about twenty meters wide, stretch along the coast of Azov Sea between the rocks of Cape Kazantip and the village of Mysovoye, there are cafes, awnings, and various entertainments on the beaches. Next are the well-maintained beaches of recreation centers. The resort season in Shchelkino lasts from the end of May to the end of September, in July-August luminous microorganisms develop in the sea, giving a special charm to swimming in the dark.

Shchyolkino Map

An interactive map of Shchyolkino can be displayed in the satellite imagery, scheme or map mode, on which all objects are plotted by ordinary people familiar with the features of Shchyolkino.

Weather in Shchyolkino

Weather in Shchyolkino, information for a week about changes in air temperature, wind direction and atmospheric pressure in Shchelkino and neighboring regions of Crimea.