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Yalta resort on the Azov Sea

25 kilometers from Mariupol there is a settlement called Yalta, although this, of course, is not the Yalta that is located in the Crimea. Yalta is located near the mouth of the Mokraya Belosaraika River, it is located at the base of Belosarayskaya Spit. The population of Yalta is about 6,000 people. The climate and weather in Yalta are quite acceptable for a good time and relaxation on the shores of the Azov Sea. In summer, the temperature in Yalta fluctuates between 23-27°C. Yalta is divided into 2 parts: the village itself Yalta and New Yalta - directly coastal area.

You can get to Yalta from Mariupol - buses run with sufficient frequency to choose the most convenient time for you. For recreation on the Azov Sea in Yalta, you will find many housing options for every taste and budget size, in Yalta there is a wide range of recreational activities, children's camps, equipped beaches, shallow and well-warmed Azov Sea, availability of food markets and much more. In general, rest in Yalta on the Azov Sea is quite pleasant and harmonious.

The organization of the resort industry on the Azov Sea in Yalta is at the highest level. Yalta has a large number of various recreation centers and sanatoriums. In addition, in Yalta there is a huge number of children's camps, private cottages, and just private houses, which are the most budget option for relaxing on the Azov Sea. In hotels and boarding houses there is a wide choice of rooms from the level of "economy" to "luxury", for the comfortable location of vacationers there is everything you need - a refrigerator, a shower, a WI-FI zone, in the courtyards of hotels there are parking lots for cars and barbecues.

Yalta has existed on the Azov Sea for a long time, since 1780. The first settlers were Greeks and immigrants from the Crimea, thanks to them Yalta got its name. The construction of the first church in Yalta - John Chrysostom can be attributed to the same period. Since the history of Yalta dates back to the end of the eighteenth century, a tourist who comes to the Azov coast will have something to see here. To begin with, one cannot fail to mention the vast landscape park "Meotida", named after one of the old names of the Azov Sea. The main task of the park is to study and preserve the flora and fauna of this region of the Azov Sea and create favorable conditions for tourism. Another important object that can be visited in Yalta is the Church of the Savior John Chrysostom. Unfortunately, the temple that exists in its current form is a modern building, since the old temple was blown up in 1930. Nevertheless, for tourists in Yalta, even a modern temple will be of interest.

In conclusion, it should be said that Yalta is one of the significant places for rest on the Azov Sea. The process of development of this settlement as a resort on the Azov Sea is growing rapidly, so Yalta from year to year offers tourists the best conditions for recreation on the Azov Sea.

Yalta Map

An interactive map of Yalta allows you to get acquainted with the features of Yalta itself and its environs, as well as with various objects located in this region.

Weather in Yalta

The weather in Yalta and on the Belosarayskaya Spit today and the weather forecast in Yalta and on the Belosarayskaya Spit for seven days ahead.