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Kerch city on the Azov Sea

Kerch is one of the most ancient cities on the Azov Sea, as well as on the entire Crimean peninsula. Kerch is located on the coast of the Kerch Strait, which connects the Azov Sea with the Black Sea. The development of civilization in the location of Kerch originated in antiquity. Belonging to such an ancient period of history can be seen not only by visiting exhibitions, museums and reading history, but simply by walking through the streets of Kerch and the surrounding area. Indeed, stone slabs were laid back in antiquity, but more on historical features later. The geographical position of Kerch and the climate here more than correspond to the conditions necessary for a perfect holiday. Kerch is washed by two seas at the same time - the Azov and the Black. And the climate and the weather in Kerch are quite mild - winters are not frosty, and summers can be hot. The average air temperature in Kerch in summer is about +24°C.

A significant component of any tourist city is the accommodation and accommodation of tourists, and Kerch is no exception. To begin with, it is important to understand that in Kerch one should not look for large hotels and boarding houses - they simply are not there. The tourist business here is represented by hostels and private small hotels. The owners of the so-called mini-hotels fully control all aspects that can create various inconveniences during the holidays. We are talking about food, cleaning, repair and maintenance if necessary. All tourist bases offer an affordable price for tours, quality food, as well as the availability of everything that vacationers will need. Of course, we should not forget about the traditional, and most importantly - the most common, private rental housing. If necessary, local residents will gladly provide the opportunity to rent for a fee that will suit you and will correspond to the comfort conditions of this housing in Kerch.

Immediately after determining the place of residence in Kerch, tourists may have the question "What to do with yourself?" or "Where to go?". The answer will not be long in coming - just remember that you are in one of the most ancient cities of Crimea. Indeed, Kerch was a witness and custodian of such historical milestones as Ancient times, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, etc. Accordingly, various architectural monuments remained in Kerch, again, stone paving from ancient times. One of the most ancient manifestations of civilization in Kerch is located on Mount Mithridates. Here are the excavations of the settlement of Panticapaeum, which was built at the end of the 7th century BC. Then there was a temple of the god Apollo, according to the belief of the ancient Greeks, as the patron of these lands. Another interesting object worth visiting in Kerch is Yeni Kali fortress. This building dates back to the early 18th century. The fortress was built by the Ottomans, and in Turkish its name means "New Fortress". If we talk about the Christian tradition, then tourists may be interested in visiting the Church of John the Baptist. This is one of the ancient buildings of Byzantine architecture. The date of foundation of the temple is approximately VIII-IX centuries. Kerch architecture and history, of course, can leave unforgettable impressions in the memory of tourists, but it is worth mentioning the modern side of Kerch.

For tourists who are accustomed to relaxing in more civilized conditions, or who want to diversify their vacation, the city has everything you need. Kerch can really interest a tourist not only in "the legends of antiquity" and "deeds of bygone days", but also in quite progressive trends in the field of recreation. Suffice it to say that in Kerch there are nightclubs (Neon, Cuba libre, Bisuit) that sound the best dance music, good acoustics, bars offer visitors a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, there are separate dance halls, interior solutions are presented in the best traditions of design. Carrying out various thematic parties will not leave indifferent fans of club life.

There is no need to talk about the presence of catering establishments in Kerch. There are many cafes and restaurants (Inki, Grand Veranda, Winter Garden, Camelot and others). Many of the establishments have a limited range of cuisine, for example, the Inki grill bar has a strictly seasoned Latin American style, while the Grand Veranda is an absolutely universal restaurant and offers a wide range of European, Russian cuisine, and there is also a sushi bar. In any case, each individual restaurant and each individual cafe in Kerch create that unique, exclusive, sophisticated atmosphere that tourists need so much to make their stay in Kerch as pleasant as possible, and the time spent here leaves only the most memorable best memories.

For those who want to spend their leisure time in a more informative, cultural and intelligent way, Kerch offers a large number of museums. These are the Kerch Archaeological Museum with the personal collection of Paul Dubrux, the founder of Kerch archeology; The Jewish Museum, the exhibits of which date back to the time of the existence of the Khazar Khagant, the Museum of the Defense of the Adzhimushkay Quarries - this museum is dedicated to the historical events of the Second World War, the defense of this sector of the front by Soviet troops and others. Kerch also has many exhibitions, Drama Theater. Pushkin, an art gallery, in which one of the permanent exhibitions is an exposition dedicated to the history of the defense of Adzhimushkay in 1942. In general, Kerch is very conducive to vacationers who are interested in culture, history and learning everything new.

As the old saying goes, "Time for business is time for fun". Therefore, to create a complete picture of the city, it should be said that in Kerch there are good opportunities for business meetings and business negotiations - inexpensive and well-equipped conference rooms provide such an opportunity. In Kerch there are halls for holding seminars, trainings, equipped with Internet access, with the possibility of holding receptions, lunches, coffee breaks.

Summing up, we can say that Kerch offers a fairly wide range of opportunities for rest on the Azov Sea and have a good time. Everyone who visits these places will not remain indifferent, and new impressions will be pleasantly reminded of themselves throughout their lives.

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