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Genichesk resort on the Azov Sea

Genichesk is located in the northwestern part of the Azov Sea, where Arabatskaya Strelka is crossed by the Tonky Strait, connecting the Azov Sea with the Sivash gulf. Since ancient times, this area was inhabited at different times by the Scythians, Cimmerians, Aryans, Sarmatians, Greeks, Tatars and many other peoples. The name "Genichesk" presumably comes from the Crimean Tatar word "dzhenichi" - "thin", so the name of the city was probably given by the strait on which it stands.

For the first time, Genichesk was mentioned in the decree of Catherine II "On the construction of new fortifications..." dated February 10, 1784. Genichesk emerged as a military fortification guarding the borders of the Russian Empire, as well as crossings across the Tonky Strait. At the beginning, the inhabitants of the city, not connected with the service, were engaged in fishing, then agriculture and salt mining began to develop, later Genichesk became known as a seaport and a resort on the Azov Sea.

The Azov Sea in the area of Genichesk is shallow, therefore it warms up quickly and is favorable for recreation since the end of May - the warm Azov Sea, sandy beaches and the gentle southern sun will provide a good rest. Genichesk is located in an ecologically clean area, near the city there are reserves of therapeutic sulfide mud, and there are hot mineral springs nearby. The combination of favorable natural and climatic factors makes Genichesk an excellent place for a summer holiday on the Azov Sea, and the nearby lakes and estuaries rich in fish, and the Azov Sea itself, will delight fans of fishing.

Currently, the main activities of the inhabitants of Genichesk are fishing, work in the food industry and the service sector, as well as the resort business. Healing Azov Sea, its water, sun, air, beaches, ecologically clean area and an abundance of vegetables and fruits grown by the hands of city residents - all this every year attracts thousands of people from Ukraine and many other countries to Genichesk and the Arabat Spit. Depending on the proposed living conditions and amenities, the prices of resort services can vary significantly, but everyone, regardless of their income, can find a vacation to their liking and prosperity.


Sivash, also referred to as the Rotten Sea, is a system of estuaries and gulfs of the Sea of Azov, bounded by the Crimea on one side and the Arabat Spit on the other.

Genichesk Map

An interactive map of Genichesk shows Genichesk and its surroundings, you can familiarize yourself with the area using a map-scheme, satellite imagery, or explore objects on the map of Genichesk.

Weather in Genichesk

Weather in Genichesk for the next few days, air temperature, wind direction, atmospheric pressure - weather forecast for Genichesk and at the base of the Arabat Spit.