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Kuchugury resort on the Azov Sea

Kuchuguri is a small resort village on the shores of the Azov Sea in the Krasnodar Territory, on the Taman Peninsula. Kuchugury is located in one of the southernmost regions of the coast of the Azov Sea. Until recently, Kuchugury was not a resort on the Azov coast, even as a settlement Kuchugury was formed less than a hundred years ago. The village of Kuchugury is relatively small and mostly consists of the private sector. Now in the Kuchugur district there are many recreation centers, boarding houses and cafes. And although the available boarding houses do not have the level of five-star hotels, nevertheless, they have everything you need for a comfortable rest on the Azov Sea in Kuchugury. The category of housing prices in Kuchugury, both in boarding houses and in private houses, refers to the average price level on the Azov coast.

Holidays on the coast of the Azov Sea in the village of Kuchugury will appeal to those who prefer to move away from the bustle of big cities as much as possible. In Kuchuguri it's good to come with your family and put your inner space in order: thoughts, emotions and feelings. Indeed, here civilization is represented only by the simplest components: cafes, shops, karaoke bars. Also, this section of the coast of the Azov Sea may be of interest to people who are looking for natural health treatment. A tourist who decides to visit Kuchugury should designate for himself a couple of places that may be useful. The first is the Iskra children's recreational boarding house. In this boarding house, healing takes place using therapeutic mud, which is taken from the local mud volcanos. The second place to visit is the mud volcano "Plevak" itself. It is located in close proximity near the village on Cape Pekla.

It should be noted that in comparison with the rest of the coast of the Azov Sea, Kuchugury has an almost perfect beach and sea. The sand is quite fine, soft, without various kinds of shells and sharp stones. The water in the Azov Sea is constantly clean here - there is a constant exchange of water. The current, which is quite intense here due to the close location of the Kerch Strait, excludes stagnant manifestations and maintains a constant circulation of the water of the Azov Sea.

Entertainment in Kuchugury on the beaches, despite the simplicity of this resort, is present here. In the daytime, the main entertainment can be jet skis, banana rides and even bungee jumping. Night time here is fully consistent with the concept of this resort - peace and quiet. It can be a dinner with romantic music, or a maximum of singing in a karaoke bar. For a more intense nightlife, you should go to neighboring settlements - it will be inquisitive to go there during the day. It is worth saying that in the immediate vicinity of Kuchugur there are the following attractions that will be fascinating to visit - the Lermontov Museum, Phanagoria - a wine production plant, a water park, which is located in the village Golubitskaya and much more.

Despite its relative youth, the village of Kuchugury every year attracts more and more tourists who want to relax on the coast of the Azov Sea. This is the merit of not only what was said above, but also the result of the systematic development of the village as a tourist unit and a recreation center on Azov Sea. People who had to observe Kuchugury for several years in a row note for themselves the degree of development and improvement of conditions for recreation in Kuchugury on the Azov Sea every year.

Kuchugury Map

The interactive map of Kuchugury allows you to explore Kuchugury and its surroundings, having familiarized yourself with satellite imagery of the area and a map-scheme of the village of Kuchugury.

Weather in Kuchugury

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