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Sedovo resort on the Azov Sea

Sedovo is located fifty kilometers from Mariupol, on the Krivoy Spit, on the very shore of the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea. In Sedovo, the air is special, saturated with bromine and iodine. The urban-type settlement of Sedovo is named after the polar explorer Georgy Yakovlevich Sedov, who was born here. The village has a historical museum, opened in 1990, where you can get acquainted with the details of the life of G. Sedov. A peak and two bays on Novaya Zemlya, a cape and a glacier on Franz Josef Land, a cape in Antarctica, an island in the Barents Sea, and the icebreaker Georgy Sedov are named after the Arctic explorer. On Krivoy Kos there is an ornithological reserve Bakai, which protects the places of mass nesting of birds and local salt and fresh estuaries. Sedovo is a good option for summer rest on the Azov Sea.

There are a lot of boarding houses, children's health camps, recreation centers in Sedovo. All of them are located on the spit, outside the village, some on the shores of the Azov Sea, and some across the road, and they do not have their own beaches. You can also rent housing in the private sector, the prices are quite reasonable. Basically, summer houses are rented out. All summer in the village markets you can buy fruits, vegetables, homemade products, fresh and dried fish, melons.

The nightlife of Sedovo is very active and varied - in summer the well-known discos "Jamaika" and "Miami" operate in the resort area, the village has an amusement park, summer cafes, bars, billiards and other entertainment. The prices in the cafe are moderate, the quality of the products is not bad. Sedovo also has its own Water Park.

The beaches in Sedovo are small, limited by concrete piers, there are a lot of people on them. On some beaches, you need to go down the stairs into the water. Most of the coast is covered with concrete blocks to prevent beach erosion. At some recreation centers, the beaches are shell-sand. On the beach there are all the standard entertainment - riding "pills", "bananas", scooters and much more. Almost all beaches in Sedovo are paid, Azov Sea is quite shallow.

Sedovo Map

Using the interactive map of Sedovo, you can study its scheme, satellite images and the map of Sedovo, compiled by the efforts of ordinary users.