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Berdyansk Spit

Berdyansk spit on the Azov Sea

Berdyansk Spit is a fairly large sand spit in the Azov Sea. The Berdyansk Spit itself stretches about twenty kilometers into the sea, and Berdyansk is located at the base of the Berdyansk Spit. Distinguish between Near, Middle and Far Spit. From the center of Berdyansk, you can get to the Berdyansk Spit by minibus No. 15 - it goes from the bus station through the whole city to the Dalnaya Spit itself. There are a large number of recreation centers and sanatoriums on the Berdyansk Spit. There are several bases on the Middle Spit, the bulk of them are on the Middle Spit. At most bases, you can arrange a vacation right on the spot. On the far spit there is a small village where housing is also rented.

The entire eastern side of the Berdyansk spit is a continuous sandy beach stretching throughout the entire spit. The entrance to the sea is as gentle as on city beaches, although the depth is slightly greater, but here the clear water of the Azov Sea is much cleaner than on city beaches. On the Near Spit there are summer cafes and beach activities - “bananas”, “pills”, parachutes, jet skis and much more, on the Middle Spit there is a whole recreation infrastructure, and on the Far Spit you can find quite secluded beaches with almost no vacationers. Berdyansk Spit is rightfully considered one of the best rest places on the Azov Sea.