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Arabat Arrow Spit

Arabat arrow spit on the Azov Sea

Arabat Spit - Azov Sea spit

Arabat Arrow spit is a sand beach over a hundred kilometers long. The Arabat arrow is a sand spit more than a hundred kilometers long and from 250 meters to 7 kilometers wide. Its name comes from the Turkic word "arabat" - "suburb". There is another name for the Arabat Arrow - Thin Spit. The western side of the Arabat Spit from the Azov Sea is a huge beach consisting of small shell rock and sand. The Azov Sea is shallow here, allowing even those who cannot swim at all to swim without fear, and depths of more than two meters begin at a distance of more than a hundred meters from the shore of the Arabat Spit.

The Arabat Spit is a Unique Natural Phenomenon of the Azov Sea

In many ways, the Arabat Arrow is unique. For example, there are only a few sources of hydro-mineral raw materials worldwide, such as the Great Salt Lake in the United States and the Dead Sea in Israel, as well as the Kara-Bogaz-Gol Bay in Turkmenistan and Lake Sivash, which is located west of the Arabat Spit. The Arabat Spit is located between the Azov Sea and the Sivash gulf, there is only a small strait Thin, connecting these reservoirs. Every year more than ten million tons of various mineral salts containing bromine, magnesium, and sodium enter the Sivash through this strait. As a result of water evaporation, the concentration of salt in the Sivash increases more than fifteen times compared to the Azov Sea.

Mineral Waters and Therapeutic Mud of the Arabat Spit

Relatively recently, mineral waters were discovered on the Arabat Spit. The mineral water of the Arabat Spit has a balneological value due to its chemical composition, mineralization and content of biologically active substances, bromine, iodine, silicic acid. These mineral waters are thermal, their temperature is about forty degrees Celsius, which is also an important healing factor. The mineral waters of the Arabat Spit are used to treat various diseases of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system. There is a balneological clinic on the Arabat Spit, where a large number of people improve their health every year. In addition, there are huge reserves of therapeutic mud on the Arabat Spit, as well as another healing factor - the brine of lakes and bays.

Prospects of the Arabat Spit as a Place for Recreation and Tourism

At the moment, the resort direction of development of the Arabat Spit is only partially used, but many experts believe that the region of Sivash and the Azov Sea in the region of the Arabat Spit is an excellent place for the mass development of sailing. And the factor that Arabat Spit is located in an area where there is no environmentally harmful industry, gives great prospects for the development of the resort and tourist infrastructure of this region of the Azov Sea. In the Arabat Arrow spit area there are such resort towns and villages as Genichesk, Schastlivtsevo, Strelkovoe, Schelkino, where thousands of vacationers and tourists annually come to spend vacation on the Azov Sea.

Arabat Fortress

The Arabat fortress itself first appeared on maps in the middle of the seventeenth century, but it became widely known only during the six-year Russian-Turkish war.