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Yeysk is a large resort on the Azov Sea

Yeisk is the largest resort town on the coast of the Azov Sea in Russia, Yeysk has been a seaport since its foundation. Yeysk is inhabited by about one hundred thousand inhabitants, during the holiday season the population of the city increases significantly due to visiting vacationers and tourists. Yeysk is located on the northeastern tip of the Yeysk Peninsula, at the very base of the Yeysk Spit. On one side of the spit is the Yeysk Estuary, the largest in the North Caucasus, and on the other, the Taganrog Bay of the Azov Sea. At a distance of three kilometers from the end of the Yeysk Spit, in the Azov Sea, there is an island in the form of an atoll, that is, a ring with a lagoon inside, also called the Yeysk Spit.

In Yeysk, there are several boarding houses, many recreation centers, a developed network of hotels and hotels, it is planned to build an oceanarium, a new sanatorium and health complex with a balneo-mud treatment center, and many hotel complexes. Rest on the beaches of Yeysk is very popular - sandy-shell beaches and warm, shallow Azov Sea attract every year a huge number of people who want to relax.

All the main beaches of Yeysk, including the central city beach and the children's beach, are located on the Yeisk Spit, at the very end of which there is the Youth Beach, on which, thanks to the undercurrent, the depth of the Azov Sea is maximum. Also popular is the Goat Beach, which is located south of the seaport, it consists of sand on one side, and gradually turns into pebbles on the other. The sea on this beach is shallow, with constantly alternating shallows, small islands and depressions that go several hundred meters into the sea. Also, small beaches are located on the shore of the Yeisk estuary.

The family recreation industry is intensively developing in the city, a large number of water attractions operate on the beaches. A dolphinarium and a water park have been built on the Taganrog embankment, there are several children's cafes in the city, and amusement parks are open. There are several children's health camps in Yeysk.

Yeysk is one of the promising centers of yachting, windsurfing is rapidly developing in the city, major competitions are held annually. Also in Yeysk, active recreation has become widespread - equestrian sports, tourism, skydiving, fishing and hunting. One of the oldest museums in the Kuban is located in Yeysk - the Yeysk Local History Museum, which stores more than fifty thousand exhibits on the nature and history of the Azov Sea, as well as more than one and a half thousand works of graphics and painting, which is visited annually by more than one hundred thousand people.

History of Yeysk

Foundation and formation of Yeysk, a port city and a resort on the shores of the Azov Sea.

Interesting Places in Yeysk

Yeysk can be conditionally divided into several districts - the Yeysk Spit, the port area, the merchant city, the Taganrog embankment, the military town, the industrial zone, the new residential area and Shirochanka.

Yeysk Map

The interactive map of Yeysk shows information obtained from satellite surveys of the area, and also demonstrates an interactive map-scheme of Yeysk.

Weather in Yeysk

Weather forecast for Yeysk for the next few days and the weather in Yeysk at the moment - wind direction, pressure, air temperature in Yeysk.