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Stanitsa Golubitskaya resort on the Azov Sea

Golubitskaya is located on the shores of the Azov Sea, on the Taman Peninsula, a few kilometers from Temryuk - initially, in the sixteenth century, the city of Temryuk was founded on the site of the village of Golubitskaya, which was later moved to its current location. Near the village of Golubitskaya there are settlements Kuchuguri, Ilyich, Temryuk, Achuyevo, Volna, Peresip, Veselovka, Blagoveshchenskaya, Vityazevo, Dzhemete and Anapa. There is a pier in the village of Golubitskaya itself, there is a railway in Temryuk, and the nearest airport is in Anapa.

Stanitsa Golubitskaya is a traditional family holiday destination, it is good to relax here with children. Sunbathing, the air of Taman, saturated with useful microelements and the aroma of steppe herbs, as well as the healing Azov Sea, help to improve the child's body and strengthen immunity.

Golubitskaya is a beautiful resort on the Azov Sea, where there is everything for a good rest. In Golubitskaya there are a large number of hotels, hotels, recreation centers, a large number of housing for rent in the private sector. Stanitsa Golubitskaya has a developed resort infrastructure - many cafes, restaurants, discos open in the evening, and a large water park and various water attractions operate during the day. Stanitsa Golubitskaya is a great place for a summer rest on the Azov Sea, residents of the Krasnodar Territory have always liked to relax here, and recently Golubitskaya has become famous and far beyond. This is facilitated by the mild climate of the Taman Peninsula, the warm Azov Sea with its healing waters, as well as a variety of natural conditions.

Not far from the village of Golubitskaya, next to the shore of the Azov Sea, there is a lake with therapeutic mud about half a kilometer in size and up to one and a half meters deep. The depth of the lake makes it relatively safe for children, and also allows you to take mud baths in comfortable conditions. The mud of the lake is saturated with iodine, bromine, calcium and hydrogen sulfide, the complex of which provides a positive effect in the treatment and prevention of various diseases.

Near the village of Golubitskaya there is another attraction - a few hundred meters from the coast, in the Azov Sea, there is a mud volcano, who wakes up from time to time. The first mention of this volcano dates back to the eighteenth century; subsequently, the volcano has repeatedly shown activity. Often, the eruption of an underwater mud volcano near the village of Golubitskaya leads to the formation of small mud islands, which over time, the waves of the Azov Sea are washed away.

In addition, the village of Golubitskaya is not only a resort on the Azov Sea, but also a center of winemaking. Winemaking is widespread throughout Taman, but it is wines made from grapes grown in the village of Golubitskaya that are credited with medicinal properties. Like it or not, but with the fact that Taman wines have a unique taste, no one disputes what everyone can appreciate by visiting the tasting room.

From the village of Golubitskaya you can go on excursions to local attractions - this is an ostrich farm, a terrarium and horseback riding in Abinsk, a boat trip along the Kuban River to the valley of flowering lotuses, Dolmens, archaeological excavations on Taman, the Tizdar volcano with therapeutic blue mud and much more .

Another advantage of the Golubitskaya village is its convenience for windsurfing. Golubitskaya is the most famous wave spot among windsurfers, here the wind from the north makes a good wave, and with a good weather forecast, many windsurfers come to the village of Golubitskaya from afar, windsurfing championships are held.

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