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Temryuk city on the Azov Sea

On the right bank of the Kuban, 130 km from Krasnodar, there is the city of Temryuk. At the moment, Temryuk is the largest city on the Taman Peninsula. About 30 thousand people live in Temryuk. Although the city of Temryuk is located not on the coast of the Azov Sea, but a few kilometers from it, which may cause some inconvenience for vacationers on Azov, however, this does not deter tourists. On the contrary, the rich history, developed infrastructure of the city, mild climate with hot summers attract more and more tourists to Temryuk every year.

It should be noted that when going to Temruk, you need to think carefully about the route you will take. There are two options for the way to Temryuk - from Anapa or from Krasnodar. Both cities can be reached by bus or taxi. The distance from Temryuk to Krasnodar is 160 km, from Anapa - 45 km. If you are driving your own car, then you should listen to the reviews of your predecessors, who noted that the best quality road runs through Krasnodar towards Slavyansk-on-Kuban. An exception will be the case if you go to Temryuk from Rostov - in this case, it is not advisable to call in Krasnodar.

The recreation industry on the coast of the Sea of Azov has existed in Temryuk for a long time. Therefore, the range of housing is quite diverse - from expensive respectable boarding houses and recreation centers, to rooms or houses that can be rented from local residents. In order to avoid a conflict of different ages with different interests on vacation, it is better to take care of children's holidays in Temryuk in advance - children can be sent to the Iskra children's health camp. The camp is a specially equipped area with a separate beach on the Azov Sea. The children's camp accommodates up to 500 people, there is the possibility of cultural activities, swimming in the sea, sports. In the meantime, your children will be staying in a health camp on the coast of the Azov Sea, you can spend time as you see fit and be completely left to yourself.

The range of conditions for a comfortable stay in Temryuk is quite wide. The coast of the Azov Sea begins a few kilometers from the city. The bulk of tourists usually relax on the public beach Golubitskaya village, which is located five kilometers from Temryuk. For those who want a more secluded holiday, in the Temryuk area you can find many wild beaches that provide an opportunity to retire.

Having had enough of the coast of the Azov Sea, vacationers can get a lot of new experiences in Temryuk itself, as well as in its environs. Alternatively, you can visit one of the many cafes or the central park, or walk through the market if necessary. Speaking about the market, it is worth saying that the locals offer a large amount of vegetables and fruits at a very low price.

Speaking of Temryuk, one cannot fail to say that this section of the Azov Sea coast is a significant cultural and recreational unit. There are many excursions in Temryuk, you can choose the one that suits you best - you will get acquainted with the peculiarities of life and the history of the city.

The most interesting places for recreation include the Lost Island beach complex - an equipped sand spit that separates the Azov Sea and the Kuban River. There are various types of water attractions - "bananas", "pills" and much more, therapeutic pools with blue clay, for lovers of extreme types of recreation - ATV rental. The next place to visit is the military hill museum-exhibition. At the entrance to Temryuk, on the heights of the extinct mud volcano "Mount Miska", on both sides of the route, samples of the most diverse military equipment - land, sea and air - are majestically located.

It is impossible not to mention that Temryuk is also mud volcanoes, the mud from which serves as a remedy, fishing, hunting and much more. Vacationers who visit this city near the Azov Sea will forever be impressed by a pleasant pastime.

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