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Urzuf resort on the Azov Sea

Urzuf was founded at the end of the eighteenth century by the Greeks, who previously lived in the Crimea, in the villages of Mdzhary, Kyzyl-Gashi and Gurzuf, who settled on the site of one of the winter quarters of the Zaporizhzhya Cossacks. Urzuf is located on a hill, on the shores of the Azov Sea, at a distance of forty kilometers from Mariupol. Currently, Urzuf is one of the best recreation places on the Azov Sea, but, for this reason, one of the most expensive resorts in Azov. On the territory of Urzuf there are many boarding houses, recreation centers and other recreational institutions, children's holiday camps. All of them are located not far from the Azov Sea, literally a hundred meters from the coast.

The climate in Urzuf is continental, slightly softened by the Azov Sea, the summer is very hot. The healing air of the coast of the Azov Sea, saturated with iodine and bromine, as well as sea water and beautiful beaches provide excellent conditions for comfortable rest and recovery. The water in the Azov Sea near Urzuf warms up very quickly, in May it reaches twenty-two degrees, and in July it reaches twenty-eight, so the holiday season here begins at the end of May.

Since Urzuf is located on a hill, steps or very steep slopes lead to the beaches. The beaches themselves in Urzuf are well-maintained, regularly cleaned, equipped with awnings, changing cabins, toilets, and rubbish bins. In Urzuf there is a beautiful sandy beach about fifty meters wide, very clean. On the shores of the Azov Sea, the whole complex of beach entertainment is presented - “bananas”, scooters, slides, “pills”, water bicycles, and in Urzuf itself there is an amusement park with attractions, discos, even an Internet cafe. All summer food markets work in Urzuf.

Urzuf Map

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Weather in Urzuf

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