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Taganrog is a large city on the Azov Sea

Taganrog is a large city on the coast of the Azov Sea in the Taganrog Bay, located seventy kilometers from Rostov-on-Don. The population of Taganrog is about two hundred and fifty thousand people. The city is located on the Miussky Peninsula, the old city is located on Cape Taganiy Rog. The climate and weather in Taganrog are temperate continental, dry, there is a slight lack of moisture and excess heat. The Taganrog region is characterized by strong winds that cause a surge wave in the Sea of Azov, which leads to coastal erosion. The air temperature can vary from minus thirty in winter to plus forty in summer.

Research carried out by archaeologists at the site of the current location of Taganrog showed that earlier, back in the fourth century BC, there was a Greek settlement called Kremny, which was later destroyed by numerous nomadic raids, and during the period of active colonization of the Black Sea by Italians, at this place the port of Pisano was built. The first mention of Taganrog dates back to the end of the seventeenth century - then, by order of Peter the Great, a fortress and a port for military courts were founded. Taganrog became the first naval base of Russia, and for some period Peter even planned to move the capital here, but the result of the war with Turkey, which was unsuccessful for Russia, adversely affected the fate of the city - according to an agreement with Turkey, the fortress and the harbor were destroyed.

The second birth of Taganrog is closely connected with the name of Catherine II. During the next Russian-Turkish war, Russian troops occupied Taganrog and began its restoration as a military base. Later, after the annexation of the Crimea to Russia and the founding of Sevastopol, Taganrog lost its military and strategic importance, and turned into the largest trading port on the Sea of Azov, which occupies the main place in Russia's trade in the south. The proximity of the city to agricultural areas greatly contributed to its economic and commercial development - Taganrog was connected by rail with Kharkov and Rostov-on-Don, in the city more than a dozen foreign consulates were opened, there was a stormy trade in wheat, hemp, flax, caviar and other products.

From the end of the nineteenth to the beginning of the twentieth centuries, industry developed intensively in Taganrog, and at present Taganrog is the largest industrial center in the South of Russia. Now the enterprises of metallurgy, heavy engineering, chemical, light and food industries operate in the city, and there is an active international trade in agricultural products. The city has an airport.

Taganrog is a great place for rest on the Azov Sea. The Azov Sea in the Taganrog region is warm and calm, there are practically no storms, the holiday season lasts from May to September. Depths, as in almost all of Azov, are small, in order to swim, you need to move a hundred meters from the coast, the water in the sea is quite fresh. A relaxing holiday on the Azov Sea in Taganrog will provide a good pastime in the fresh sea air, a good opportunity to sunbathe and swim in the sea, stroll through the historical places of old Taganrog and visit many of its attractions. Taganrog is not like the resorts of the Black Sea coast, the conditions and services for tourists and vacationers here are in the stage of rapid development. In Taganrog there are recreation centers of various price categories, with correspondingly different living and recreation conditions, hotels with a high level of service.

Having decided to relax in Taganrog, you can be calm for the children because of the shallow depth of the Azov Sea near the coast, eat local fresh fruits and vegetables, take a break from the bustle of the city, if you are located in the suburbs, sunbathe from the heart - there are more sunny days on the Azov Sea than on Black, as well as plenty of fishing - fish here is just a huge amount. In July-September the Azov Sea is saturated with tiny algae - the period of “sea bloom” begins. Although algae grow in places in the Taganrog Bay, there are absolutely no jellyfish here. In Taganrog, a good water park "Azure", karting, an amusement park and horse rides are at the service of vacationers, in the yacht club you can rent any floating craft - from a yacht to a catamaran. In Taganrog there are four equipped beaches on both sides of the cape and a huge number of wild beaches created by nature itself.

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