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Kirillovka is a popular resort on the Azov Sea

Kirillovka is one of the most popular places for rest on the Azov Sea since Soviet times and to this day - every year thousands of tourists come here. The urban-type settlement of Kirillovka is located on the Azov Sea, two spits diverge from it - Dairy and Utlyuk estuaries from the sea. The village of Kirillovka itself is small, very green due to the large number of flowers and trees, very clean. There is a bus station in the center of Kirillovka, next to the main street, where there are many places where you can relax - cafes, bars and so on. There is a cinema in Kirillovka, an amusement park at the beginning of the Peresyp spit, and a food market is also located here.

Spit Peresyp is located to the east of Kirillovka, on it for several kilometers there are recreation centers, mostly departmental ones. Recreation centers are located on the shores of the Azov Sea, and the coast of the spit from the Molochny estuary is covered with reeds. There is also a nightclub on the Peresyp spit. To the west of the village Kirillovka is Fedotova Spit, where a large number of recreation centers are located, and active development is underway. About twenty kilometers from Kirillovka is the village of Stepok, behind which there is a checkpoint to the protected area "Fedotova Spit", and then - "Biryuchiy Ostrov". On Fedotova Spit there is a market, attractions, an entertainment complex with shows, bars, cafes, billiards.

The beaches in Kirillovka on Fedotova Spit are well equipped - there are awnings, changing cabins, sun umbrellas, and beyond the village of Stepok the beaches are wild, there are very few people. The beaches themselves are of excellent quality, they consist of shell rock, there is no sand. The bottom of the Azov Sea is flat, deep places begin fifteen to twenty meters from the shore. In Kirillovka itself there is a very clean beach, at the beginning of summer there are relatively few people. In the market area at the beginning of the Peresyp spit there is also a beach, the same as in the center, but there are fewer people here. The beaches are equipped with awnings, garbage is removed. In general, the Azov Sea in Kirillovka is considered one of the cleanest, since there are no cities, ships, or other sources of pollution nearby, and only during a storm, water becomes cloudy due to the sand raised from the bottom of the sea.

Kirillovka Map

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Weather in Kirillovka

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