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Belosarayskaya Spit

Belosarayskaya Spit of the Azov Sea

Belosarai Spit is located on the northern coast of the Azov Sea, forty kilometers from Mariupol. This is one of the large spits of the Azov Sea. Back in the times of Kievan Rus, there was the city of Belgorod on this place, but the Tatar-Mongols who captured it renamed the city Belosarai. It was a center of trade with Venetian and Genoese merchants, but over time, trade subsided and Belosarai became just a small village on the coast of the Azov Sea. In the future, this area was re-settled by the Greeks, who fled from the Crimea from the Tatars pursuing them. The Greeks also brought many elements of Tatar culture, preserved in architecture and local names - Urzuf, Yalta, etc.

At present, the Belosarayskaya Spit is a resort area with a developed recreation infrastructure. The village itself stretched for several kilometers, and boarding houses and recreation centers were built on both sides of the spit. All bases are located on the shores of Azov Sea and have their own comfortable beaches. Prices are generally low. In the private sector, housing is also rented - usually these are either summer houses or purpose-built housing for vacationers.

For a good rest and entertainment in Belosarayskaya Spit there are bars, summer cafes, discos. At the recreation centers - various beach activities - "bananas", "pills", water slides, riding scooters. There are also football and volleyball courts, sports equipment can be rented. In the village of Belosarayskaya Spit there is a food market, post office, telephone. The beaches stretch along the entire Belosaraiskaya spit in a wide strip for many kilometers - starting from the village Melekino, and until the end of the spit. The beaches on the Belosarayskaya Spit are sandy, with a small amount of shells.

Belosarayskaya Spit is a landscape reserve of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine with Mediterranean flora and fauna. The Belosaraisky Reserve is home to many species of animals and birds. It was created to preserve the unique system of wetlands. Seagulls, sandpipers, mallards, geese, swans nest in the ornithological reserve. On the territory of the reserve there are salt marshes, estuaries and small lakes. More than two hundred species of plants grow on the Belosaraiskaya Spit, among them rare and endangered ones.