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Volcanoes of the Azov Sea

Mud volcanoes of the Azov Sea

Mud Volcanoes of the Azov Sea

One of the sights of the Sea of Azov are mud volcanoes, or salses, most of which are located in the area of the Taman Peninsula, although they are also in the Crimea, in the area Arabat Spit. Eruptions of mud volcanoes are often quiet and calm, but sometimes they look the same as the eruptions of ordinary volcanoes - with explosions, emissions of volcanic gas and volcano products for hundreds of meters. About fifty mud volcanoes are located on the Taman Peninsula, some of them are terrestrial, and some are located at the bottom of the Azov Sea. Terrestrial volcanoes often have the classic appearance of truncated cones. Some volcanoes are dormant, but the bulk are active, emitting volcanic gases - nitrogen, methane, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulfide, as well as mud streams. The largest active volcano of the Taman Peninsula is Karabetova Sopka, around which an unearthly landscape stretches - stones, ravines, mud fields. From time to time, real eruptions occur here - with an explosion and a roar, a column of fire, smoke, steam, stones and dirt.

Underwater Volcanoes in the Azov Sea

Mud volcanoes located at the bottom of the Sea of Azov near the Taman Peninsula are an interesting natural phenomenon. An interesting underwater volcano is located in the Sea of Azov near the village Golubitskaya. For the first time, this volcano was mentioned at the end of the eighteenth century - the eruption was observed by the Cossacks, resettled in the Kuban, and which was described in detail by the scientist Peter-Simon Pallas. In two hours an island formed about a hundred meters in diameter and about two high, which lasted for several months until it was washed away waves of the Azov Sea. This volcano is quite active - its eruptions were recorded several times during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and in the fifties of the twentieth century, the eruption also led to the formation of a mud island.

Volcano Karabetova Sopka

Volcano Karabetova Sopka, or Karabetka, is clearly visible if you drive along the road to Taman, Karabetova Sopka is known as the largest active volcano on the Taman Peninsula, on the Azov Sea.