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Novoazovsk is a city on the coast of the Azov Sea

Novoazovsk is a regional center on the coast of the Azov Sea, the city was founded in 1849. Novoazovsk is located on the coast of the Azov Sea, a little east of Mariupol. In order to consider Novoazovsk as a place of rest on the Azov Sea and as a tourist unit, there are two reasons - it is a historically interesting city, plus the climate and weather in Novoazovsk are conducive to a good rest. The temperate continental climate of Novoazovsk, subject to the softening action of the weather of the Azov Sea, makes tourists come here every year. Summer here is always hot, sometimes dry, the average temperature is 28-26°C. The swimming season on the Azov Sea in Novoazovsk begins in mid-May.

As mentioned earlier, it is not far from Novoazovsk to Mariupol - only 40 km, all the main routes to Novoazovsk run through it. Also, not far from Novoazovsk, the Rostov-Chisinau highway passes, and the border checkpoint is located on it. You can get to Novoazovsk only by bus or private car - there are no railways and an airport in Novoazovsk. Like any other city designed to receive tourists, Novoazovsk has a large number of high-quality housing - relaxing in Novoazovsk, you can rent anything, from a room in a private house to a luxurious recreation center with WI-FI coverage, a refrigerator, a shower and other amenities that provide vacationers in Novoazovsk civilized rest. For example, you can pay attention to the boarding house "Solnechny". In this boarding house, an important factor is the close location of the beach, cafes and shops - all this is no more than 50 m away. The boarding house has an individual car park, a swimming pool, round-the-clock hot water in the rooms and much more.

In addition to the Azov Sea coastline, there are many interesting places in Novoazovsk that you should visit. Vacationers in Novoazovsk can be recommended to visit the St. Nicholas Church. The history of this temple is extraordinary - in 1936 the temple was blown up, and before that it had existed here since 1855. Now it was reconstructed, only the location was changed. Another indicative and symbolic object of Novoazovsk is undoubtedly the Khomutovskaya Steppe reserve. Suffice it to say that this reserve occupies about 5 thousand hectares and stores many different species of flora and fauna. It is important to note that all territories of the protected part are studied and protected. Also vacationers in Novoazovsk should pay attention to the cave, found by archaeologists in 1987. The length of the cave is 200-300 meters, there are several branches. Those wishing to see such a unique natural feature of the Azov coast will need to drive to the village of Guselshchikovo.

Recreation on the Azov Sea, at first glance, it may seem simple and naive compared to other resorts in the world, but if we consider the rest on Azov in more detail, one can understand that the Azov Sea, together with the adjacent cities, has a well-defined historical and cultural niche. First of all, it is the industry of recreation and tourism, developed at the proper level, at an affordable price. These and some other factors make tourists return every year to the favorite resorts of the Azov Sea, such as Novoazovsk and many others.

Novoazovsk Map

The interactive map of Novoazovsk allows you to view satellite images of the territory of Novoazovsk, see the scheme of Novoazovsk, as well as a map of Novoazovsk.

Weather in Novoazovsk

Погода в Новоазовске – температура воздуха в Новоазовске, направление и сила ветра, атмосферное давление – погода на сегодня и прогноз погоды на неделю вперед.