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Volcanic Islands in the Azov Sea

Volcanic island

Oddly enough, the periodic appearance of islands in the Azov Sea is a common thing and one of the distinguishing features of this sea. Here, mud volcanoes periodically erupt, located at the bottom of the Azov Sea, as a result of which new islands appear. Usually the islands, formed by the eruption of mud volcanoes, exist for several months, after which they are washed away by storms.

As a result of the eruption of a mud volcano on July 4, 2008, in the area of the Golubitskaya village of the Temryuk region, a new island was formed in the Azov Sea. This natural phenomenon was observed by tourists and vacationers on the Azov Sea. An underwater mud volcano began an eruption a couple of hundred meters from the seashore, the eruption lasted several days, while the column of mud and spray rose several tens of meters. As a result of the eruption of a mud volcano in the Azov Sea near the village Golubitskaya a small island was formed - its length is about a hundred meters, its width is about seventy, it rises one and a half to two meters above sea level.

For this area, mud volcanoes is a common thing. In total, there are about fifty mud volcanoes on the Taman Peninsula, which periodically wake up. A feature of this volcano is that it is located in the Azov Sea almost opposite the central Golubitskaya beach. For the first time, the activity of this volcano was described back in the eighteenth century; at the end of the twentieth century, it also erupted repeatedly.