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Peresyp resort on the Azov Sea

Peresyp is a small, very cozy village on the shores of the Azov Sea, located in the Temryuk district of the Krasnodar Territory, a little west of the village Golubitskaya. Most of the village is washed by water bodies on both sides - on the one hand, the Azov Sea, on the other hand, the Akhtanizovsky Estuary. Due to the fact that Peresyp is washed by the seas on both sides, the village has a narrow and oblong shape.

Rest in Peresyp attracts with its golden beaches and reasonable prices for housing and food. Tourism in the village began to develop recently and every year attracts an increasing number of tourists. Several private hotels have already appeared in the village, the number of which continues to grow. Almost deserted clean beaches, washed by the warm and clear water of the Azov Sea, will not leave you indifferent. If you are interested in recreation with clubs, bars and entertainment centers, then the village of Peresyp will not suit you. The village attracts tourists who do not want to fight for a place on the beach every time, but to be practically alone on the shore of the Azov Sea. The bay attracts vacationers who do not want to see annoying sellers of honey baklava and hot corn, who are tired of a noisy, dusty city and want to relax away from civilization and reunite with nature.

If you think you can't entertain yourself, then you're wrong. On the territory of the Peresip village, more and more recreation centers are being opened, various excursions around Taman are being held, for example, to the lotus valley, but tourists pay special attention Mud volcanoes, located near the village, in Peresyp also have water attractions - where without them. Aerosport is also developing, namely paragliding. In this sport, every vacationer in Peresyp can take part - fly over the village. Near the village of Peresyp there is the Akhtaniziysky Gulf, where you can test your fishing skills, in addition, there is an oceanarium in the village.

A couple of kilometers from Peresyp there is a neighboring village - For the Motherland, which is famous for its mud volcanoes, which have healing and cosmetic properties. The most popular and famous volcano is the Tizdar volcano, which is also known as the Blue Balka, but to visit it, you usually have to pay a high price. In addition to the Tizdar volcano, there are other mud volcanoes that you can visit for free, but every year more and more volcanoes falls under the private sector. The village Za Rodinu is very similar to its neighbor, we can say that they are united, because they are separated by a very small distance. But they also have a distinctive feature - in the village of Za Rodinu there is more space, more deserted and wild beaches than in Peresyp. Also in the village of Za Rodinu there is an ostrich farm, which can be visited by any holiday on the Azov Sea in Peresyp.

In both villages there are countless attractive and deserted free places on the beach, there are shops, but there is a market only in the village of Prisyp, in the market you can buy various souvenirs, beach accessories, and there are also representatives of travel agencies in the market where you can sign up for excursions.

Every vacationer in Peresyp on the Azov Sea will be able to find something for themselves in these villages, it all depends on your desire and on your means.

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