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Islands of the Azov Sea

Islands of the Azov Sea

Diversity of the Islands of the Azov Sea

There are many islands of various sizes and origins in the Azov Sea. Most of the islands of the Azov Sea are of alluvial origin, some of the islands were previously the ends of sand spits, which eventually separated from the main spit and became islands. But in the Azov Sea there are islands of a more exotic origin. For example, not far from the village of Golubitskaya, a volcanic island appears in the open sea with a frequency of several decades. True, this island does not exist for a very long time, it is gradually washed away by the waters of the Azov Sea. And quite exotic for the Azov Sea is the origin of Turtle Island, located not far from Taganrog. This island at one time was artificially built to create fortifications designed to protect the seaport in Taganrog. The sizes of the islands of the Azov Sea also vary greatly - from a small sandbank to the multi-kilometer Biryuchy Island.

Biryuchiy Island and Other Islands of the Azov Sea

The largest island in the Azov Sea is Biryuchy Island, located near Genichesk. This island was previously the end of the Fedotova Spit, but then separated from it and became a separate island. At present, it is again connected to the Fedotova Spit, being its extended tip, but, despite this, the name of the island has been preserved behind Biryuchy. Currently, the Azovo-Sivash National Natural Park is located on Biryuchy Island, which includes a significant part of the Sivash Bay. The flora and fauna of this national park is simply amazing. More than 300 species of plants grow in it and at least 250 species of animals and birds live in it. In addition to Biryuchy Island, there are many other islands in the Azov Sea - Dzendzik Island, Yeisk Spit, Dolgie Islands, Tuzla Island and Nameless Island. And this is not counting the islands located in the Sivash Gulf - these are the small islands of Camel, China, Kuyuk-Tuk, Martyniy and Churyuk.

Volcanic Islands in the Azov Sea

Oddly enough, the periodic appearance of volcanic islands in the Azov Sea is a common thing and one of the distinguishing features of this sea.